The Explosion of Popularity with Vintage Football Attire

As the game of football becomes more marketable and the availability to view games increases, companies are trying to put their brand image into the eye of the fan as much as possible.

This can be seen in any of the merchandise that football clubs sell. Brands such as Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Puma etc all compete to try and obtain sponsorship deals for the clubs around the world. The bigger the club, the higher the viewership, the larger the fanbase and in turn the more sales generated. Of course this results in a much bigger cheque required to obtain the sponsorship. 

In 2015 Adidas signed a £750 million sponsorship with Manchester United, a record. Nike are rumoured however to be close to agreeing a deal with Liverpool for up to £1 billion this year.

As a result of these astronomical sponsorship deals, the prices of merchandise has risen dramatically over the last 10 years. A regular replica shirt of a club costs between €70-100 with the professional jerseys anywhere from €120-150. If one wishes to have their favourite player added to the shirt it costs €15 on top of the shirt. This has resulted in a number of fans looking for alternatives to purchasing items at such high prices. 

One of the big alternatives has been the interest in retro/vintage football attire. Some of the best designs exist from the 80s to the early 00s. These shirts and training bits can obtained for anywhere between €20-500 depending on how sought after the item is. In general however, a classic shirt from this era costs around €40-60. Some of the designs are so unique that the items are considered fashionable and a there has been a big increase in football shirts being worn in the rave culture worldwide. It's a trend that continues to grow in popularity and it's one we are fully behind. Be sure to keep a close eye at our instagram for latest updates and expect lots of vintage football attire to come in the coming months. 

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